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Is an interactive game to promote reminiscing about the past and exploration of the present and future.

It is available as a boxed game and it can also be played here as an online game with 2 to 6 players.

When you leave this page, you will be presented with a screen with 12 ‘staging posts’ and an online dice.  When you click on the dice it will display two numbers; the first directs you to a particular staging post.  When you click on that staging post you will see a pad of numbered buttons.  You will have the choice of a Topic button which does what it says or a Topic Help button which will give you possible ways of responding to the given topic.  Click on the second suggested number and you will be given a topic to ponder and talk about.  When you feel you have exhausted that topic, the next player repeats the process.  The ‘game’ continues until everyone has had a go or time runs out!


This is the first complete version of Staging Posts Online.  If you experience any problems with it or wish to offer suggestions,
please contact us at david@stagingposts.org.uk .

Where it is required, copyright permission has been obtained or is being applied for.

STAGING POSTS ON THE JOURNEY OF LIFE was devised and developed by The East of England Faiths Agency CIC.
It is available as a boxed game.  We are also producing an anthology of quotations, poems and prose which relate yo the game.